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全シナリオをご覧になりたい方はこちらへ(「Dreamworks SKG Fansite」内)

MAXIMUS: Strength and honour.


MARCUS AURELIUS: If only you had been born a man. What a Caesar you would have made.

MARCUS AURELIUS: Tell me again Maximus, why are we here?
MAXIMUS: For the glory of the empire, Sire.

LUCILLA: You are lying. I could always tell when you were lying because you were never any good at it.

GRACCHUS: He enters Rome like a conquering hero. But what has he conquered?

LUCILLA: Senator, my brother is very tired. Leave the list with me. Caesar shall do all that Rome requires.
GRACCHUS: My lady, as always your lightest touch commands obedience.

LUCIUS: Gladiator, are you the one they call the Spaniard?

LUCIUS: I like you, Spaniard. I shall cheer for you.

COMMODUS: My history's a little hazy Cassius, but shouldn't the Barbarians lose the battle of Carthage?

MAXIMUS: My name is gladiator.

MAXIMUS: My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius. Commander of the armies of the North, general of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor Marcus Aurelius, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next.

COMMODUS: Poor sister, I wouldn't want to be your enemy.

LUCILLA: The gods have spared you. Don't you understand? Today I saw a slave become more powerful than the Emperor of Rome.

LUCILLA: I knew a man once. A noble man. A man of principle, who loved my father and my father loved him. This man served Rome well.

COMMODUS: Am I not merciful? AM I NOT MERCIFUL?!

MAXIMUS: I knew a man who once said, death smiles at us all. All that man can do is smile back.

MAXIMUS: Quintus, free my men. Senator Gracchus is to be reinstated. There was a dream that was Rome, it shall be realized. These are the wishes of Marcus Aurelius.

LUCILLA: Is Rome worth one good man's life? We believed it once. Make us believe it again. He was a soldier of Rome. Honour him.

JUBA: Now we are free. I will see you again. But not yet, not yet....